55 Unique Side Hustle for Nurses
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55 Unique Side Hustles for Nurses

Looking for a side hustle? 

If you’ve clicked on this article, chances are you’re part of the ‘I-need-extra-cash-enthusiast’ club. 

While many of us opt for side hustles to cushion surprise expenses, fund vacations, or ease the monthly bill strain, nurses have a unique advantage.

There exists an array of side hustles specifically curated for nurses, and I’m not referring to the standard options you often see on the web. 

Sure, some side hustles for nurses are frequently mentioned, but many remain off the radar. 

Whether you’re keen on tapping into your niche nursing knowledge in novel ways or you’re curious about tech opportunities, there’s a side hustle in this list tailored just for you. 

Ready to discover these hidden gems? Dive in.


Ditch the generic side gig advice!

We’ve got 55 nurse-approved hustles up our sleeve, from the delightfully unexpected to the tech-savvy.

Unmasking the best-kept nursing side hustle secrets, just for you!

Why Should Nurses Even Bother With Side Hustles?

Hold up a second.

Before you scoff and think, “Another ‘make money online’ spiel?” – hear me out.

The realm of side hustles isn’t just for Insta-influencers or tech aficionados.

It’s for the gritty, the hardworking, the sleep-deprived – yes, I’m looking at you, dear nurse.

  • Financial Flexibility: Those student loans aren’t going to pay themselves, right? A side hustle can help you earn extra cash on the side – whether it’s for savings, investments, or that vacation you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Skill Enhancement: Remember that class on ‘Adapting to the Unexpected’ you had in nursing school? Well, diving into new areas can sharpen those skills even further.
  • Creative Outlet: Break the monotony! Not every side hustle needs to be strictly ‘medical’. Unearth hidden talents, passions, or hobbies and find ways to monetize them.

“Nursing is not just an ART, it has a heART. Nursing is not just a SCIENCE, but it has a conSCIENCE.”Unknown.

But, Aren’t All the Good Side Hustles Already Taken?

Ah, the age-old lament of latecomers. 

But here’s a little secret: the world of side hustles is ever-evolving.

Just because the nurse next door is acing it with telehealth doesn’t mean you can’t carve your own niche. 

After all, did Florence Nightingale follow the crowd? No, she lit her own way (pun intended).

Before we dive into this treasure trove, let’s give a nod to a previous article that offered some known side hustles for nurses. 

Their list? Telehealth nursing, teaching, and medical writing, to name a few. 

Been there, done that? Perfect. We’re not retracing those steps.

Now, strap on your adventure hats (or, you know, surgical caps) as we explore the lesser-known side hustle avenues tailored for the modern Nursepreneur.

The Nursepreneur’s Less-Trodden Path

1. Health & Wellness Coaching

Beyond the hospital walls, people are yearning for a healthy lifestyle. Use your nursing knowledge to guide them on nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being.

No, you don’t have to be a fitness guru, just someone who knows the ins and outs of the human body and can lend an empathetic ear.

2. Medical Illustration

If you have a knack for drawing or graphic design, this one’s a goldmine. Medical students, publications, and even medical websites often need accurate illustrations. Your clinical experience can make these images more authentic and detailed.

3. Birth Photography

Childbirth is a profound experience, and many parents want to capture the moment. Your expertise can help you anticipate the right moments, ensuring both the mother’s privacy and capturing the raw emotion of the experience.

4. Healthcare Blogging or Vlogging

Given the flood of misinformation out there, people are desperate for trustworthy health content. Start a blog or YouTube channel. Topics can range from “A Day in the Life of a Nurse” to “Tips for managing stress during a health crisis.”

5. Personal Concierge for Elders

Many elders live alone and require assistance beyond just medical care: grocery shopping, attending events, or just having someone to chat with. This gig lets you provide companionship and make someone’s day a bit brighter.

6. Medical Equipment Sales Representative

Who better to promote medical equipment than someone who’s used them? With your background, you can provide authentic reviews, demos, and perhaps even training sessions.

7. Mystery Shopping in Healthcare

Hospitals and clinics often hire mystery shoppers to evaluate their service quality. Your clinical eye can pick up on nuances that a regular shopper might miss.

8. Custom Scrubs and Medical Accessories Designer

Every nurse knows the struggle of finding the perfect pair of scrubs. Why not design your own? Get quirky with patterns or even venture into functional designs with extra pockets or specific fabric types.

9. Nursing-Themed Craft Creator

Combine your crafting hobby with your profession. Think nurse-themed jewelry, keychains, or even art pieces. Etsy, here we come!

10. Home Health Setup Consultant

Use your experience to help patients set up a safe environment at home post-surgery or illness. This could include advice on mobility aids, home modifications, or even mental health support.

“The character of the nurse is as important as the knowledge she possesses.”Carolyn Jarvis

Beyond the Conventional: Unearthing More Gems

11. Medical Tour Guide

Ever considered how daunting hospitals can be to foreigners? Offer services as a medical tour guide, helping medical tourists navigate the complexities of healthcare in a new country, right from admission processes to post-procedure care.

12. Medical Translator

If you’re bilingual, this is a golden opportunity. Help non-native speakers understand medical documents or assist in patient-doctor communications. It’s not just about knowing two languages; it’s about understanding the medical nuances of each.

13. Specialized Children’s Camp Organizer

Create magical experiences for children with specific health needs. A camp for diabetic kids, perhaps? Or a weekend retreat for children with autism? Your clinical background ensures their safety, while your creativity guarantees the fun.

14. Health Retreat Coordinator 

Organize wellness retreats focusing on mental health, physical fitness, or even spiritual healing. Your insight into human health can ensure the retreat provides real, tangible benefits to attendees.

15. Medical Meditation and Yoga Instructor

Combine the calming techniques of meditation and yoga with your medical knowledge. Tailor sessions for patients with specific ailments, such as arthritis or high blood pressure, ensure they get the maximum benefit.

16. Specialized Meal Planner

Craft meal plans for specific medical conditions. Diabetic-friendly, low-sodium, or high-protein – the options are limitless. Your nursing background can lend credibility to your plans.

17. Sensory Room Designer

For patients with sensory processing disorders or even dementia, sensory rooms can be therapeutic. Designing these rooms requires a deep understanding of patient needs and your background places you in a unique position to offer this service.

18. Patient Advocate

Help patients navigate the often-confusing world of healthcare. From understanding diagnoses to disputing medical bills, your experience can offer invaluable support.

19. Nurse-Themed Game Developer

Ever noticed the lack of authentic medical games out there? Use your experiences to develop board games, card games, or even mobile apps that give a real feel of the nursing world.

20. Healthcare Seminar Organizer

Organize workshops or seminars on lesser-discussed health topics. As an organizer, you’d be responsible for the logistics, and your network can help bring in the right speakers and audience.

The beautiful thing about these side hustles is their flexibility. 

They allow nurses to dictate their schedules, which is a breath of fresh air from the often rigorous hospital routines. 

Plus, these ventures provide an opportunity to earn, all while staying within the realm of healthcare.

If you’re thinking, “These are some great ideas, but where do I start?” worry not! 

Take the Side Hustle Quiz for Nurses to find out what kind of side hustle suits you.

Once you’ve got a taste of the side hustle life there, come back and challenge yourself with our unique finds!

Unlocking The Less-Explored: Side Hustles You’d Never Have Guessed!

21. Travel Nurse Blogger

Channel your experiences as a nurse into captivating stories. Explore different healthcare systems worldwide, provide tips for nurses looking to venture into travel nursing, or share funny anecdotes from your journeys.

22. Home Health Setup Advisor

Many families want to care for their elderly at home but are clueless about setting up a safe environment. Provide consultancy services, from choosing the right bed to setting up a mini-clinic at home.

23. Elderly Tech Tutor

The digital age can be baffling for the elderly. Offer classes on using smartphones, making video calls, or even navigating online healthcare portals. Your patience as a nurse and understanding of their needs make this a perfect fit.

24. Alternative Therapy Guide

Are you trained in aromatherapy, acupuncture, or another alternative therapy? Offer sessions or workshops. Your medical background provides a unique trust factor.

25. Health Podcast Host

Start a podcast focused on health topics rarely touched upon. Think: “The Mysteries of the Human Toe” or “Why We Hiccup.” Quirky, informative, and an absolute hit in the making!

26. Hospital Room Decorator

Turn drab hospital rooms into more homely spaces. With considerations for medical equipment and patient mobility, this isn’t your regular interior designing gig.

27. Medical Equipment Reviewer

With new medical tools and machines constantly hitting the market, become the go-to reviewer. From the latest stethoscopes to innovative patient monitors, guide institutions on the best picks.

28. Nursing Study Buddy

Many nursing students would pay for a seasoned nurse’s insight and guidance. Offer tutoring services, mock exams, or even study group facilitation.

29. Medical Illustrator

Got a flair for art? Create medical illustrations for textbooks, journals, or digital platforms. Make complex medical processes easy to understand with your visuals.

30. Special Needs Travel Planner

Plan trips for individuals with special needs. Think wheelchair-friendly vacation spots or retreats for individuals with sensory sensitivities. Your clinical insights will ensure their safety and comfort.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

Dive Deep into the Side Hustle Pool: Making Waves in Unique Territories

31 VR Patient Experience Creator

Virtual Reality is booming! With your first-hand experience in patient care, you can develop or collaborate on VR experiences that help train budding healthcare professionals on patient interaction.

32 Nursing Wardrobe Designer

Who says scrubs can’t be stylish and functional? Design ergonomic and chic clothing lines for healthcare professionals. Functionality meets fashion!

33 Medical Translation Services

If you’re bilingual, offer translation services for healthcare facilities catering to diverse patient populations. Bridging the communication gap is a lifesaver, quite literally!

34. Personal Health Shopper

Some patients need specific medical supplies but have no idea where to start. As a personal health shopper, you can recommend and source the best products for them.

35. Children’s Hospital Entertainer

Leverage your understanding of child psychology and brighten up their days. Magic tricks, storytelling, or even puppet shows can make hospital stays a tad bit easier for the little ones.

36. Disaster Preparedness Consultant

Using your medical knowledge, guide institutions or families on being prepared for emergencies. From curating first aid kits to devising evacuation plans, you can be the lighthouse in potential storms.

37. Nurse-Run Relaxation Booths

Set up relaxation booths in malls or public places offering quick massages, blood pressure checks, or even a 5-minute meditation guide. Sometimes, a little relaxation is the perfect pick-me-up!

38. Homemade Medical Accessories

Craft and sell unique nurse badges, stethoscope covers, or medical-themed jewelry. Hey there, Shopify!

39. Health Awareness Workshop Facilitator

Pick a health topic you’re passionate about and conduct workshops. From diabetes awareness to first aid basics, there’s a lot the general public needs to know.

40. Medical Mystery Shopper

Hospitals and clinics often want to ensure their services are top-notch. Pose as a patient and provide feedback on their services, right from reception to discharge.

To give you more context on the topic of side hustles, here’s an interesting tidbit: A recent article dished out ten side hustle ideas for nurses, including telehealth nursing and medical writing. 

While they touch on some great starting points, our list is here to delve deeper and introduce you to avenues you might not have ventured or even thought about!

Exploring these side hustles allows you to not only expand your horizons but also breathe fresh air into your daily routine.

Dare to be Different: Side Hustles That Break the Mold

41. Health Tech Beta Tester

Stay ahead of the curve by beta-testing upcoming health technologies. Companies value insights from actual healthcare professionals to refine their products.

42. Eldercare Travel Companion

Assist the elderly in their travels, ensuring they get medical care and companionship throughout their journey. A mix of travel and caregiving can be immensely satisfying.

43. Nurses’ Retreat Organizer

Design retreats specifically for nurses. These events can be a mix of relaxation, professional development, and networking, offering nurses a much-needed break from their hectic routines.

44. Health-Themed Game Developer

Combine your nursing knowledge with game development to create engaging, health-themed games for children and adults. It’s fun education at its finest!

45. Nurse Vlogger

Start a YouTube channel or a podcast sharing your day-to-day experiences, funny anecdotes, or 

even nursing hacks. A personal touch can create an engaging connection with your audience.

46. Medical Stock Photo Model

Photographers often require genuine medical professionals for their stock images. Strike a pose and make some extra cash on the side!

47. Health-Conscious Caterer

With a deep understanding of nutrition, curate health-focused meal plans or catering services for events. Healthy can be tasty, and you’re just the right person to prove it!

48. Elderly Tech Teacher

Teach the elderly to navigate technology, from smartphones to telemedicine platforms. Empower them to connect with the digital world and bridge the tech gap.

49. Nursing Art Creator

Art can heal. Create and sell art pieces, like paintings or sculptures, that resonate with the essence of caregiving and nursing.

50. Medical Documentary Consultant

Lend your expertise to filmmakers diving into the realm of healthcare. Your insights can help craft authentic, impactful narratives.

There’s no end to the possibilities when you combine your nursing expertise with a dash of creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Remember the wise words of Bernard Williams, There are no rehearsals in life, it’s either take it or leave it at first sight.” 

So, why not dive into these lesser-known territories and unearth the potential they hold? 

Whether it’s for that extra pocket money or a newfound passion, these side hustles are sure to sprinkle some zest into your nursing journey.

Beyond the Scrubs: Pushing Nursing Boundaries

51. Nursing Gear Designer

Are you tired of the same old scrubs? Design and sell unique, functional, and stylish nursing apparel. It’s about time nurses got a fashion-forward touch in their daily wear.

52. Meditation Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Stress is a consistent companion in the medical field. Offer meditation sessions tailored to nurses, helping them find their zen amidst the chaos.

53. Nurse-Run Pop-Up Clinics

Organize pop-up clinics in communities, events, or festivals. It’s a mobile healthcare service that provides basic medical check-ups or health education.

54. Virtual Health Escape Room Creator

The escape room trend isn’t just for mystery enthusiasts. Design virtual health-themed escape rooms. It’s both a fun activity and an innovative way to educate people about various health scenarios.

55. Children’s Book Author on Health Topics

With your firsthand experience, write and illustrate (or collaborate with an artist) children’s books that address health topics. Make those doctor visits or understanding health issues a little less intimidating for the young ones.

As you can see, there are so many possibilities. 

But the first thing you have to know is the type of side hustle for you – what your interests are or what skills you have that could be monetized.

If you have no clue where to begin, take The Side Hustle Quiz for Nurses. This guide will help you zero in on the perfect side gig.

Final thoughts:

The world is oozing with opportunities.

As a nurse, every unique skill and perspective you possess is a gem waiting to be unearthed. 

Dive deep, explore, and you might just stumble upon a hustle that not only pads your wallet but also fuels your passion. 

Here’s to the exciting journey of blending nursing with new avenues! 

Cheers to earning more while pursuing your passion!

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